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OVERTOPPING FLOWS AND RELATED HAZARDS: A CASE OF STUDY FROM THE CATALAN COAST. (2020). Coastal Engineering Proceedings, 36v, structures.10. https://doi.org/10.9753/icce.v36v.structures.10


Design criteria for coastal defenses exposed to wave overtopping are usually restricted to the assessment of mean discharges and maximum individual overtopping volumes, however it is not possible to give unambiguous or precise limits to tolerable overtopping for all kind of layouts (EurOtop, 2018). A few studies (e.g. Endoh and Takahashi, 1994) analyzed the relationship between wave overtopping flows and hazard levels for people at the crest of sea dikes. Sandoval (2016) confirmed that one single value of admissible mean discharge or individual overtopping volume is not a sufficient indicator of the hazard, but detailed characterization of flow velocities and depths is required. This work presents the results of an experimental campaign aiming at characterizing the flow characteristics associated to maximum individual overtopping volumes for an urbanized stretch of a town along the Catalan coast, where a bike path and a railway run along the coastline, exposed to significant overtopping events every stormy season.

Recorded Presentation from the vICCE (YouTube Link): https://youtu.be/DwVl9wFJoq0


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