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Nagai, K., Arikawa, T., Pakoksung, K., Imamura, F., Watanabe, M., & Huang, P. (2020). VOLCANIC ERUPTION-INDUCED TSUNAMI AT ANAK KRAKATAU VOLCANO, SUNDA STRAIT, INDONESIA. Coastal Engineering Proceedings, (36v), currents.33. https://doi.org/10.9753/icce.v36v.currents.33


On 22 December 2018, a volcanic eruption occurred at Anak Krakatau, Sunda Strait, Indonesia, which induced a tsunami. At the coastal area in the Sunda Strait, the destructive tsunami destroyed many structures and killed more than 400 people approximately 30 to 40 min after the eruption. In this event, it has been reported that many residents start to evacuate after seeing tsunami because alert of tsunami was not occurred. It is difficult to escape from a tsunami after seeing it waves, so early evacuation become important. Previously, many studies which handle Krakatau volcanic eruption induced tsunamis have been conducted. Pakoksung et al. (2019) conducted its simulation, but it was reported that the observed run-up heights and inundation depths were underestimated. Moreover, there were few studies which handle evacuation from non- seismic tsunami. The purpose of the study is to reveal the actual evacuation action from the tsunami induced by the 2018 volcanic eruption.

Recorded Presentation from the vICCE (YouTube Link): https://youtu.be/ELOif7G4eNo


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