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Process-based, wave-resolving models are essential tools to resolve the complex hydro-morphodynamics in the swash zone. The open-source Non-Hydrostatic XBeach model can solve the depth-averaged wave-by-wave flow in the nearshore region up to the shoreline and the intra-wave bed changes during time-varying storms. However, validation and testing of its morphological response are still limited in the context of sandy beaches. This work aims to assess the performance of the wave-resolving sediment dynamics modelling within Non-Hydrostatic XBeach for different sediment transport formulations. The sediment transport modelling approaches considered in this study were tested and compared to laboratory experiments involving wave trains over an intermediate beach. Numerical results show a better performance in the prediction of the intra-swash sediment dynamics when the newly implemented wave resolving transport equation is applied compared to the existing approach within the model.

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