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Mandviwalla, X., Qwist, J. R. K., & Christensen, E. D. (2020). PREDICTION OF EQUILIBRIUM SCOUR HOLES USING OPTIMIZATION PROCEDURES. Coastal Engineering Proceedings, (36v), papers.12.


This paper presents an optimization procedure that finds the equilibrium scour depth under a pipeline. Even though much knowledge on scour is available for the most typical marine structures such as a vertical circular monopile of a horizontal pipelines the calculation of the scour depth complex and time-consuming as the transient solution is often modelled as well. In this paper we present a optimization procedure that combined with a computational fluid dynamics, and a model of the bed load finds the equilibrium shape of a scour hole. This can potentially speed up the calculation of the shape of the equilibrium scour hole with a factor of 100. However, it comes with a coast as we will not model the transition and the time scale of the scour hole development.

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