Proceedings of the 32nd International Conference


Majuro atoll
island conservation
numerical simulation

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Development of a numerical model for future estimation of morphological changes in Majuro atoll were carried out, and, at the same time, examination of beach nourishment for sustainable island conservation plan was examined by the developed model. Identified erosion and accretion area from calculated shoreline indicated that the northern tip of Laura and some areas in LongIsland had severe erosion until 100 years later as well as large accretion in northern part of the atoll. Three beach nourishment scenarios using eroded sediments, which were accreted in deep lagoon in northern part of atoll, were examined and they decreased 30% of accumulative erosion volume compared with the non-conservation result. This result shows that the beach nourishment is an effective option to sustainable island conservation plan in Majuro atoll.


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