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RIP CURRENT DETECTION IN AN OPEN AREA AND ALONG JETTY USING AI. (2023). Coastal Engineering Proceedings, 37, papers.7.


The occurrence of drowning accidents on beaches is mainly caused by rip currents. In this study, we created a single AI model that can detect two types of rip currents with different characteristics: a flash rip current that occurs intermittently in open areas, and a fixed rip current that occurs along jetty. As a result of creating the AI model under various conditions, it was possible to detect the rip currents at each location with high accuracy at the stage of making the AI model. At the final point of the model’s evolution, the accuracy, the precision and the recall rates of the rip current detection were 87 percent, 48 percent and 100 percent, respectively. As a result of actually operating this AI model on the study beach, the single AI model could detect rip currents along the jetty and in the open area. However, it was confirmed that the AI model could not detect all rip currents which were continuously generated along the jetty.


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