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Song, T., Cheng, A., Khoo, E., Zhang, Y., Chen, W. S., & Kui, R. L. B. (2023). CAISSON DESIGN AND VERIFICATION OF FRICTION COEFFICIENT OF CAISSON FOUNDATION FOR TUAS PORT PHASE 1. Coastal Engineering Proceedings, (37), papers.26.


Reinforced precast concrete caisson has been selected as wharf front structure for the project of Tuas Port Phase 1 in Singapore. The caisson structure and foundation were designed to withstand various loading cases comprising loads during both construction and operation stages. It was identified that sliding failure mode of the caisson structures could be one of the critical design checks. The friction tests were conducted under various conditions to assess the Coefficient of Friction (m) between rock mound surface and concrete slab of caissons. The results show that the design value mu of 0.6 for rock mound and concrete interface could be achieved for normal flat concrete surface.


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