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SHYTCWAVES: A STOP-MOTION HYBRID TC-INDUCED WAVES METAMODEL. (2023). Coastal Engineering Proceedings, 37, waves.20.


Waves produced by tropical cyclones (TCs) can be estimated using numerical models and non-stationary simulations forced with vortex-type time-varying wind fields. However, dynamical simulations are time and computationally demanding at regional-scale domains since high temporal resolutions are required to correctly simulate wave propagation. Early warning systems, as well as risk induced assessments, would benefit from fast and accurate estimates of the wave climate induced by close-to-real tracks geometry. For this reason, the objective of the proposed methodology is to obtain a tool capable of estimating the spatial and temporal variability of directional wave spectra produced by TCs at regional scale in deep waters using a hybrid approach, and statistical techniques, to reduce CPU time effort. SHyTCWaves is a metamodel that provides estimates of the directional wave spectra produced by TCs, which can be used as boundary conditions for local-scale models at nearshore coastal areas, in addition to providing faster than dynamically simulated TC forecast predictions.


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