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ASSESSMENT OF WAVE-INDUCED MOMENTARY SEABED LIQUEFACTION. (2023). Coastal Engineering Proceedings, 37, structures.47.


Seepage force induced by ocean waves has been related to the liquefaction around submarine structure, and it has been shown to cause significant sediment transport and rapid burial of pipelines and objects (Tsai et al., 2022). This study assesses the impact of momentary soil liquefaction due to pore pressure gradient near seabed generated by waves in the range of oceanic and coastal environment. The nonlinear wave solution of the stream function numerical approximation is applied to cover the wide range of wave condition in ocean and to evaluate the contribution of kinetic term in the energy equilibrium of water waves, which appears at least in third order analytical solution. The dispersion relation for coupled wave-soil interaction is discussed to shed insight on the effect of seabed response on wave dissipation. The present solution demonstrates the momentary liquefaction near mud line, which is triggered by the pore pressure gradient under wave trough and assesses the trigger criterion of wave condition in wave-current environment.


Tsai, Mathieu, MontellĂ , Hsu, Chauchat (2022): An Eulerian two-phase flow model investigation on scour onset and backfill of a 2D pipeline, European Journal of Mechanics-B/Fluids, ELSEVIER, vol. 91, pp. 10-26.

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