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Das, H. S., Burks-Copes, K., Thomas, R. C., Maglio, C., Williams, T., Kerr, P. C., & Sunstrum, . N. (2023). OVERVIEW OF THE COASTAL TEXAS MEGA PROJECT. Coastal Engineering Proceedings, (37), structures.59. https://doi.org/10.9753/icce.v37.structures.59


The Texas Gulf coast is a complex system with numerous narrow inlets and broad back bays with intricate river and bayou networks. Due to its complex settings, the Texas coast is susceptible to extreme compound flooding due to fluvial, pluvial, and surge during hurricanes and tropical storms. Five of the top six largest tropical cyclone rainfall totals in the continental U.S. have occurred in Texas (USACE 2021a). The Texas coast is also one of the United States most dynamic regions in terms of population and economic growth. According to the Bureau of Economic Geology, twenty five percent of the population and thirty three percent of the economic resources of Texas are located along the 360 mile long coast. The objective of the Coastal Texas Study was to improve our capabilities to prepare for, resist, recover and adapt to extreme events. A “Multiple Lines of Defense” strategy was used in the Coastal Texas study to design cost-effective, environmentally friendly solutions that will reduce risks of storms impacting the coastal communities and restore important wildlife habitat at the same time.


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