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MOORED SHIP MOTION FORECAST TOOL FOR THE PORT OF NGQURA. (2023). Coastal Engineering Proceedings, 37, structures.67.


Significant future growth is planned for the Port of Ngqura, but the Port does, however, suffer problems with moored container vessels. Under certain environmental conditions, these moored vessels experienced large motions, which lead to reduced operability or downtime and sometimes mooring line failures. One of the main contributing factors to the mooring problems is infra-gravity or long-waves (i.e. wave periods between approximately 25 s and 300 s), which induce basin and moored vessel resonance. A long-wave forecast system has been developed to assist the Port. Although this forecast system is accurate in predicting long-wave heights inside the Port, it does not give the port operators a full picture of the effects on moored vessels due to the complex nature of the interaction between these waves and the moored vessels. The long-wave forecasts alone are therefore difficult to interpret if the port operators do not have a background in vessel dynamics. A new tool, in the form of a moored vessel motion prediction system, was therefore developed.


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