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WAVE LOADING FOR RECURVED PARAPET WALLS IN NON-BREAKING WAVE CONDITIONS: ANALYSIS OF THE INDUCED IMPULSIVE FORCES. (2018). Coastal Engineering Proceedings, 1(36), papers.34. https://doi.org/10.9753/icce.v36.papers.34


This paper describes 2-D numerical simulations aiming to reproduce the pressure impulse named confined-crest impact (Castellino et al., 2018), which occurs when a recurved parapet wall and non-breaking wave conditions are interacting. The simulations are carried out by using the IH2VOF and IHFOAM, the latter developed as OpenFOAM additional library. The results show a large increase of the pressures and forces value when the recurved part of the vertical parapet results completely occluded by the non-breaking wave crest. A sensitivity analysis has been carried out to study the influence of the geometrical parameters (radius r and opening angle a). It has been found a low variability with respect to the radius increase (from 1.0 m to 2.0 m) and a higher influence related to the opening angle variation. Finally, the non-dimensional force component has been represented as a function of the hydraulic and geometrical parameters by means of the dimensionless product (l/h)*s. These parameters represent the overhang extension seaward of the parapet, the water depth and the wave steepness with reference to deep-water conditions.


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