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Chowdhury, S. D., Zhou, J. G., Qian, L., Causon, D., Mingham, C., Pullen, T., Hu, K., Russell, M., Manson, S., Stewart, D., Wood, M., Winter, H., & Joly, A. (2020). WIND EFFECTS ON OVERTOPPING DISCHARGE AT COASTAL DEFENCES. Coastal Engineering Proceedings, (36v), papers.40.


Wind effects on wave overtopping over fully impermeable vertical sea defence is studied in a shallow water flume based on a physical model for the Livermeade defence system. The investigation is mainly focused on impulse type wave interaction with the sea defence, when the overshooting jet is high during overtopping. We are able to identify distinct types of overtopping flows where moderate wind speed is not found to be affecting uniformly in all cases. We try to find explanation of this behaviours by studying the standing waves at the defence and complementary CFD simulations.

Recorded Presentation from the vICCE (YouTube Link):


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