Proceedings of the 32nd International Conference


Vertical walls
breaking wave impact
impact pressure and force

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Kisacik, D., Troch, P., & Van Bogaert, P. (2011). EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS OF BREAKING WAVE IMPACT ON A VERTICAL WALL WITH AN OVERHANGING HORIZONTAL CANTILEVER SLAB. Coastal Engineering Proceedings, 1(32), structures.26. https://doi.org/10.9753/icce.v32.structures.26


Physical experiments (at a scale of 1/20) are carried out using a vertical wall with horizontal cantilevering slab. Tests are conducted for a range of values of water depth, wave period and wave height. A parametric analysis of measured forces (Fh and Fv) both on the vertical and horizontal part of the scaled model respectively is conducted. The highest impact pressure and forces are measured in the case of breaking waves with a small air trap. Maximum pressures are measured around SWL and at the corner of the scaled model. The horizontal part of the scaled model is more exposed to impact waves than the vertical part. Fh and Fv are very sensitive for the variation of water depth (hs) and wave height (H) while variation of wave period (T) has a rather limited effect.


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