Proceedings of the 32nd International Conference


Coastal Processes
Ebb Shoal
Inlet Evolution
Inlet Reservoir Model
Gordon Pass
Regional Sand Management
Sediment Transport
Tidal Inlets

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EVALUATION OF INLET MANAGEMENT PRACTICES AT NAVIGATION INLETS IN SOUTHWEST FLORIDA, USA. (2011). Coastal Engineering Proceedings, 1(32), sediment.89. https://doi.org/10.9753/icce.v32.sediment.89


This paper describes numerical modeling of long-term evolution of inlet systems in southwest and central Florida. The paper discusses a general methodology developed following four case studies and application to the case study of Gordon Pass in southwest Florida. The case study of Gordon Pass demonstrates the importance of considering large temporal and spatial scales in evaluating morphologic response to inlet management practices. The results describe the evolution of Gordon Pass from 1930 to present. The analysis begins with natural conditions that existed before dredging or inlet modifications and investigates how inlet evolution can be influenced by navigation improvements and provide tools to evaluate alternatives.


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