T. Ir. Edelman


Since in the Netherlands large areas of low lands are protected against the sea by coastal dunes only, it is very important to know how far, during a storm surge, the erosion of these dunes will proceed. In order to obtain an answer to this question, the cross-section of the coast has been studied. The shape of the cross-section of a sandy coast is mainly caused by displacements of sand perpendicular to the coast-line. Obviously this transport is mainly caused by waves. Since our knowledge of the very intricate physical processes, governing the sand transport by waves is, even now, still very incomplete, we can, perhaps, obtain an insight into the behaviour of a sandy coast, if we start from some rather simplified basic assumptions which are roughly in accordance with observations in nature.


dune erosion; storm erosion

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.9753/icce.v11.%25p

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