N.N. Panicker, L.E. Borgman


The ocean surface may be considered to be composed of many waves traveling at different directions with different frequencies A graphical plot showing the allocation of wave energy to the different component frequencies and directions is the directional spectrum Directional spectrum has many applications in Coastal Engineering Herein an analytical procedure is developed to obtain the directional spectrum from records of an array of wave gages The two methods developed are the "locked phase method" and the "random phase method The locked phase method can be used to obtain the distribution of both phase as well as energy of the waves with respect to frequency and direction and is a deterministic approach The random phase analysis, on the other hand, is more suitable for wind waves in the ocean and yields just the distribution of energy alone as in most other procedures of spectrum analysis The procedures programmed for computers are checked using simulated data and laboratory data Wave records of the Pacific Ocean obtained off Point Mugu, California, on a 5-gage array were analyzed using the method developed and examples of the directional spectra obtained are presented.


directional spectra; wave gauge; gauge array

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