Jose Serra, Josep R. Medina


The littoral processes and long-term shore protection plans are analysed for the coast of Valencia (Spain). The breakwaters built during this century by the Port Authorities have gratly affected the most Southern beaches by interrupting the natural longshore sand transport. The monitoring program of the beaches of Valencia (Spain) has been established for a precise estimation of the evolution in time of the beaches to the North and South by the Port of Valencia. Periodic topographic surveys provide the basic timedependent beach description of the area. The two main objetives are the following: a) 3-D description of the beach surface, including estimation of reliability and measurement errors of bathymetrics, and b) stochastic description of wave climate. High precision and cost-efficient beach surveying techniques have been developed during the monitoring program of the beaches of Valencia (Spain). Beach profiles and zero-shorelines have been obtained with systems and errors similar to the terestrial topography. The methods are simple enough to be applied by general land surveyors with a minimum training and may be extended to a variety of beaches for systematic and low-cost monitoring programs.


beach monitoring; monitoring system; Valencia; Spain

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