DELILAH, DUCK94 & SandyDuck: Three Nearshore Field Experiments

William A. Birkemeier, Charles E. Long, Kent K. Hathaway


Two major field experiments have recently been conducted, and a third is being planned, at Duck, NC, along the mid-Atlantic coast ofthe USA, to investigate nearshore dynamic processes. Named DELILAH, DUCK94, and SandyDuck, these experiments take advantage of logistical efficiency and relatively uncomplicated, open-coast field conditions provided by the Field Research Facility of the US Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station. DELILAH occurred in 1990, and emphasized hydrodynamics measurements. DUCK94, in 1994, added measurements of sediment transport and morphologic evolution, and was planned as a comprehensive pilot study for SandyDuck, the most ambitious experiment in the series, scheduled for 1997. Scientific motivation, instrumentation plans, participants, and representative climatic conditions of DELILAH and DUCK94 are described, as are sources of further information and data.


DELILAH; DUCK94; SandyDuck; 3D field; field experiment

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