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wave runup
embayed beaches
video monitoring.

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Sancho, A., Guillén, J., Simarro, G., Medina, R., & Cánovas, V. (2012). BEACH INUNDATION PREDICTION DURING STORMS USING DIFFERENT WAVE HEIGHTS AS INPUTS. Coastal Engineering Proceedings, 1(33), currents.32.


Beach inundation prediction is evaluated at an artificial, tideless embayed beach located in the city of Barcelona (NW Mediterranean, Spain). To this end, inundation measurements using video observations are compared with estimations including the tidal variations and the wave runup formulation of Stockdon et al. (2006), introducing deep water, local wave measurements and local wave computations as inputs. As the observations consider the mean runup and the estimations use the 2% runup exceedance (R2%), the inundation is overestimated if any of the wave heights in the formulation are used. Nonetheless, results are improved if a local wave height at 10 m depth is used, in particular for waves approaching the shore obliquely. Finally, it is stated that the differences between the observations and the estimations vary along the beach, being higher in the curved zone of the embayment.


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