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climate change
equilibrium beach profile
beach profile change

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Hayashi, K., Mori, N., Mase, H., Kuriyama, Y., & Kobayashi, N. (2012). INFLUENCES OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON BEACH PROFILE. Coastal Engineering Proceedings, 1(33), sediment.17.


The influences of climate change due to global warming have been estimated on not only sea level rise but also wave characteristics such as height or energy flux. In this study, the characteristics of medium and long term beach profile change is investigated based on the observed beach profile data at HORS for past 24 years and the relationship between the wave characteristics observed at Kashima port and the climate indexes. In order to estimate the influences of the medium and long term wave characteristic change, a theory is introduced based on equilibrium beach profile with wave parameter, which is theoretically based on sediment characteristic. Moreover, the validation of the theory is evaluated based on the observed beach profile data and wave data.


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