• Fengyan Shi University of Delaware
  • Gangfeng Ma Old Dominion University
  • James T. Kirby University of Delaware
  • Tian-Jian Tom Hsu University of Delaware
Keywords: coastal models, TVD solver, Boussinesq wave model, non-hydrostatic model, nearshore circulation model


This paper describes the recent developments in a suite of coastal engineering models using Godunov-type shock-capturing schemes. The developments include a depth-integrated, wave resolving Boussinesq model, a hydrostatic, wave-averaged circulation model, and a fully 3-D non-hydrostatic model in a surface-following $\sigma$ coordinate formulation. The models implemented with the shock-capturing TVD scheme show robust performances in modeling breaking waves, nearshore circulation and coastal inundation. In this paper, we present model equations in a conservative form, MUSCLE-TVD numerical scheme and model applications. We also point out some problems caused by the TVD scheme in the recent model applications.

Author Biographies

Fengyan Shi, University of Delaware
Center for Applied Coastal Research
Gangfeng Ma, Old Dominion University
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
James T. Kirby, University of Delaware
Center for Applied Coastal Research
Tian-Jian Tom Hsu, University of Delaware
Center for Applied Coastal Research


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Shi, F., Ma, G., Kirby, J. T., & Hsu, T.-J. T. (2012). APPLICATION OF A TVD SOLVER IN A SUITE OF COASTAL ENGINEERING MODELS. Coastal Engineering Proceedings, 1(33), currents.31.