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vertical walls
breaking wave impact
impact pressure and force

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Kisacik, D., Troch, P., & Van Bogaert, P. (2012). EXPERIMENTAL STUDY OF PRESSURE DISTRIBUTIONS DUE TO THE BREAKING WAVE IMPACTS. Coastal Engineering Proceedings, 1(33), structures.77. https://doi.org/10.9753/icce.v33.structures.77


Results from wave impact tests are used to analyze the pressure distribution on a vertical structure with an overhanging horizontal cantilever slab. The structure faces two individual impacts, occurring sequentially on the vertical and horizontal parts. An expression is being proposed for the location of maximum pressures p_max (z_max) on the vertical part as a function of the wave steepness (Hâ,,L_0 ). The boundary conditions for occurring of high dynamic pressures are determined both on the vertical and horizontal part. Three different pressure distribution cases are proposed as SBW, BW and BWSAT according to the breaker type. For each breaker type, the local pressure ratio's p_h3â,,p_h1 , p_h1â,,p_v1 , and p_h2â,,p_v1 are analyzed, where p_h1, p_h2 and p_h3 are the local peak pressure at the SWL and top and bottom of the vertical part respectively, whereas, p_v1 is the local peak pressure on the horizontal part. Recommended profiles are calculated from local p_max values.


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