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Lagrangian solution
partial standing wave
sloping bottom
mass transport
particle trajectory
nonlinear waves.

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Li, M.-S., Zou, Q., Chen, Y.-Y., & Hsu, H.-C. (2014). SECOND-ORDER PARTIAL STANDING WAVE SOLUTION FOR A SLOPING BOTTOM. Coastal Engineering Proceedings, 1(34), waves.46.


This paper presents a second-order asymptotic solution in Lagrangian description for a nonlinear partial standing wave over a sloping bottom. The particle trajectories are obtained as a function of the nonlinear ordering parameters, wave steepness and the bottom slope to the second order. The analytical Lagrangian solution assumes irrotational flow and satisfies the boundary condition of constant pressure p = 0 at the free surface. This solution is applicable to progressive, standing and partial standing waves, shoaling from deep to shallow water. Mass transport and particle trajectory nonlinear partial standing waves on a sloping bottom are investigated using the closed form Lagrangian wave solution


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