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conventional rubble mound breakwater
crown wall
design wave load
long waves

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R¸geM. S., Christensen, N. F., Thomsen, J. B., N¸rgaardJ. Q. H., & Andersen, T. L. (2014). WAVE LOADS ON RUBBLE MOUND BREAKWATER CROWN WALLS IN LONG WAVES. Coastal Engineering Proceedings, 1(34), structures.64. https://doi.org/10.9753/icce.v34.structures.64


This paper evaluates the formulae by Nørgaard et al. (2013) for predicting wave loads on rubble mound breakwater crown walls on new model tests. The formulae are tested outside their validation area by means of waves with a low wave steepness and low run-up height compared to the armour freeboard height. Furthermore, both a permeable and an impermeable core are tested. It was found that the formulae by Nørgaard et al. (2013) underestimate the loads for a permeable core and low wave steepness. Therefore, it is recommended that the upper limit for the run-up height by Van der Meer and Stam (1992) is investigated further for different permeabilities. Furthermore, the formulae by Nørgaard et al. (2013) underestimated the wave loads for low relative freeboard heights and it is therefore recommended to make further studies and modify the formulae to also cover these cases.


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