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early warning system
dike monitoring
smart geotextiles

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Krebs, V., Quadflieg, T., Grimm, C., Schwab, M., & Schuttrumpf, H. (2017). DEVELOPMENT OF A SENSOR-BASED DIKE MONITORING SYSTEM FOR COASTAL DIKES. Coastal Engineering Proceedings, 1(35), structures.35.


Sea and estuarine dikes are one of the most important structures when it comes to coastal protection in Germany. Therefore, the implementation of sea dike monitoring systems is of great value to improve the reliability of flood protection. The interdisciplinary research project, EarlyDike, attempts to develop an innovative early warning system, which works not only based on water level forecasts, but also considers wave load, improved storm surge monitoring, and inner dike conditions. The implementation of a web-based Geo-Portal, which integrates the information generated by sensors and numerical simulations, enables decision makers to access reliable real-time data. Thereby, the intended sensor- and risk-based early warning system allows in time warnings and improves present disaster prevention and management. Objective of this paper is to depict the integration of sensor-based dike monitoring within the project.


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