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Larsen, B. E., & Fuhrman, D. R. (2018). RUN-UP, BOUNDARY LAYERS AND SHEAR STRESSES BENEATH SHOALING TSUNAMIS. Coastal Engineering Proceedings, 1(36), currents.24.


While the tsunami propagation, run-up and inundation has received considerable attention in literature, the associated boundary layer dynamics and induced sediment transport have received relatively little attention. Recently, Williams and Fuhrman (2016) simulated a series of tsunami scale boundary layers, emphasizing that they are simultaneously both current- and wave-like due to their long duration yet unsteady nature. They viewed the tsunami as a time varying current, something that has also been done by Larsen et al. (2017) and Larsen et al. (2018) in studies of tsunami-induced scour around monopile foundations. This approach is valid sufficiently far off-shore, but nearshore, the effects of the free-surface will inevitably become important. While difficult due to the large scales involved, the run-up and inundation can likewise be studied experimentally (Sriram et al. 2016). In this work the run-up process of full-scale tsunamis will be simulated in detail using CFD, which can naturally resolve shorter dispersive waves, wave breaking and boundary layer dynamics.


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