• Yu-Qi Huang
  • Jing-Hua Lin
  • Ray-Yeng Yang
  • Yang-Yih Chen
  • Jia-Lin Julie Chen


Studying the process of riverine sediment at mouths and continental shelves is a critical subject for many engineering applications, such as dredging, navigation, dispersal and remobilization of contaminants. Sediment deposits also determine seabed properties, coastal geomorphology, and the health of coastal habitat/ecology. During extreme conditions, episodic river discharge triggered by large rainfall due to tropical cyclones may contribute significant amount of riverine sediment into the ocean. In the past decade, evidence of severe seabed erosion (up to 1m/year) along the sandy coast of Yunlin County has raised concerns regarding the sustainability of coastal structures. The exposed riverine sediment from the Jhuoshuei River is considered as one of major sources for sediment supply in this region. Bottle samples collected from bridge station in the Jhuoshuei River during the passage of tropical cyclones suggest sediment concentration can exceed 40 g/l for the major duration of the storm (Milliman et al. 2007). To mitigate the damage caused by shoreline retreat, 600,000 cubic meters per month of sand has been placed in two specific locations near the offshore industry park. The overarching goal of this study is to clarify the contribution of exposed riverine sediment and beach nourishment to enhance our understanding on the observed sediment transport and morphological evolution.


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Huang, Y.-Q., Lin, J.-H., Yang, R.-Y., Chen, Y.-Y., & Chen, J.-L. J. (2018). BEACH RESPONSE TO EXPOSED RIVERINE SEDIMENT AND BEACH NOURISHMENT. Coastal Engineering Proceedings, 1(36), sediment.92.

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