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Kirezci, C., & Babanin, A. V. (2018). COUPLING SPECTRAL AND PHASE-RESOLVING WAVE MODEL FOR FORECASTING OF EXTREME WAVES IN WIND SEAS. Coastal Engineering Proceedings, 1(36), waves.20.


''Freak'' or ''Rogue'' waves, when single individual wave height exceed two times of the significant wave height (Hi>2Hs), has been considered as one of the most dangerous sea states. Freak waves are believed to have caused many catastrophes, which result in ship damage and human casualties (Kharif and Pelinovsky, 2003). Occurrence of such waves are extremely unlikely according to Rayleigh distribution (Dean, 1990), however, in real ocean conditions occurrence of such events are higher than commonly used distributions. The main objective of this study is the coupling of Spectral WaveWatch III (WW3) model and phase resolving wave models, which will advance the application of the third generation wave models one-step further and increase the precision of model outputs and forecasting of such "unlikely† extreme conditions.


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