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Turriza, R. C., Mendoza, E., Posada, G., & Silva, R. (2018). AN ENGINEERING BASED ANALYSIS OF THE COAST OF CAMPECHE AS THE PATH TO SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT DECISIONS. Coastal Engineering Proceedings, 1(36), papers.101.


Chronic coastal erosion problems have been reported in Campeche State; however, beaches and ecosystems have not yet been degraded to the point of being at high risk. A proposal for coastal segmentation is presented here, in order to rank the coastal sectors according to the urgency required for intervention; given that this approach applies a large - scale perspective; the analysis is suited to any other coastal zone. The proposed methodology hierarchically identifies littoral segments in three steps: 1) dividing the study area into littoral cells, 2) assessing coastal vulnerability and 3) identifying the immediacy of intervention needed for each coastal sector.


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