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Watanabe, M., Chua, C. T., & Switzer, A. D. (2023). INVESTIGATING THE APPLICABILITY OF BOULDER/SAND SEDIMENT TRANSPORT MODELS FOR PORT RISK ASSESSMENT. Coastal Engineering Proceedings, (37), structures.69.


Tsunami-induced damage to urban infrastructure is poorly constrained globally since tsunami are infrequent events and therefore, there are limited damage observations. Tsunami-borne debris can contribute significantly to structural damage. This issue is particularly prevalent in port areas, where containers, mobile equipment, and concrete objects can impact on structures. The modeling of boulder and sand sediment transport by tsunami could be used to model the transport of a variety of urban structures. In this study, we introduce various sand and sediment transport models and examine their accuracies. We conclude by proposing a model that is valid for the modelling of urban structures. Some of the findings in this work have already been reported in Watanabe et al. (2021; 2022) and readers are encouraged to refer to these publications.


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