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Grilli, S., Mohammadpour, M., Grilli, A., Zhang, C., Tappin, D., Novellino, A., & Watt, S. (2023). NUMERICAL SIMULATION OF TSUNAMI IMPACT FROM THE 1/15/22 ERUPTION OF THE HUNGA TONGA - HUNGA HA’APAI VOLCANO. Coastal Engineering Proceedings, (37), management.85.


Tsunamis from volcanic ‘explosive’ eruptions are rare, with the last catastrophic event being Krakatau in 1883 (Verbeek, 1885), during which, tsunamis were generated in the far-field by pressure shock-waves and in the nearfield of the volcano, in the Sunda Straits, by several potential geological mechanisms including pyroclastic flows, ash column, and/or caldera collapse. On 1/22/55, at about 4:15 UTC, a one in 1,000 year eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’a-pai Volcano (HTHHV), that had started on12/20/21, reached its paroxysm with a series of large underwater explosions, releasing enormous energy (4-18 Mt of TNT), and ejecting a large ash plume 58 km into the stratosphere. We simulate both the near- and far-field tsunami generation from the eruption, but in this paper we focus on analyzing and validating the near-field impact against field data.


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