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Archetti, R., Gaeta, M. G., Addona, F., Damiani, L., Saponieri, A., Molfetta, M. G., & Bruno, M. F. (2020). ASSESSMENT OF COASTAL VULNERABILITY BASED ON THE USE OF INTEGRATED LOW-COST MONITORING APPROACH AND BEACH MODELLING: TWO ITALIAN STUDY . Coastal Engineering Proceedings, (36v), management.13.


The use of video-monitoring techniques is significantly increased due to the diffusion of high-resolution cameras at relatively low-costs and they are largely used to estimate the shoreline evolution and wave run-up, as important coastal state indicators to be monitored and predicted for the assessment of flooding and erosion risks. In this work, we present an integrated approach based on the results from the low-cost video monitoring systems and the numerical modeling chain by means of SWAN and XBeach to accurately simulate and predict the swash zone processes.

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