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deltaic systems
coastal engineering tools
longshore sediment transport
wave model

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López-Ruiz, A., Bergillos, R. J., Ortega-Sánchez, M., & Losada, M. A. (2017). IMPACT OF RIVER REGULATION ON THE SUBMERGED MORPHOLOGY OF A MEDITERRANEAN DELTAIC SYSTEM: EVALUATING COASTAL ENGINEERING TOOLS. Coastal Engineering Proceedings, 1(35), sediment.10.


Although the influence of both natural and human-induced changes on the evolution of worldwide deltas have been widely addressed, few studies have analyzed the variations of the submerged morphology due to river regulations by dams. In this work, we analyze the changes in the submerged morphology of a Mediterranean deltaic system after the regulation of its main fluvial inflow. We use high-resolution bathymetric measurements and globally used coastal engineering models and tools to characterize the cross-shore and alongshore variations of the nearshore bathymetry of the delta. The applicability and limitations of these tools are discussed, identifying their major weaknesses for their application in this type of environments.


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