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No 36 (2018): Proceedings of 36th Conference on Coastal Engineering, Baltimore, Maryland, 2018
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Editor: Patrick Lynett ISBN: 978-0-9896611-4-0
Published: 2018-12-30

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Swash, Nearshore Currents, and Long Waves

Sediment Transport and Morphology

Coastal Structures

Coastal Management, Environment, and Risk

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The goals of the ICCE can, still, be well presented by the preface from the first Conference in 1950: "The Conference on Coastal Engineering was conceived originally as a local meeting of engineers and scientists interested in shoreline problems... The aim was to aid engineers by summarizing the present state of the art and science related to the design and planning of coastal works... Although much remains to be done in the way of developing reliable design methods, the series of papers presented at the conference and published in this volume do represent a rather thorough summary of coastal engineering as now practiced." - J. W. Johnson